A vampire or a victim, it depends on who’s around.

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Stilt: Now her crown has broken into shards. Breeze: Sour dread clamps its jaw on your skull. Lilt: I will always choose the hard truth. Porcupine: Raining down into your eyes. Jury: All that’s left is this horizon. Falsehood: From the veins to the mouths. Suck: Conditioned to starve. Grout: The thing that stays in the cracks. Fleet: From the loins to the mouths. Ten: Someone knocks on the box you live in. Size: Cry because you don’t know what else to do. Irradiate: Until the color pink becomes poison whether or not she drinks it. Killer: From the hearts to the mouths. Jive: Livid, purple, a bruise. Higher: You tell her that the shame will keep her safe.




It tells of vast expanses stretching backwards over time.

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Manifesto: You are so small, I can’t see you. Grief: If they hadn’t been there, would you have gone? Celestial: Give them nothing and they will have nothing. Red Dwarf: You are just fuel for their fire. Just: What to do with the dissenters? Freeborn: Fight what you can touch. Editorial: I will not be in your history. Higher: To get back what you think you’ve lost, look twice. Cretin: Decide what’s right once you wash the blood off your hands. Slink: Slip the blade right under the collar. Yearn: An infant walking  without a way to scream. Paperweight: Some bad advice was taken and the consequences are all yours. Fissure: You’ll just go back to taking it out on your wife and kids. Walls: Into the shadows. Dew: Push against the hate in you with all your might.


Wrapped in a ribbon of glass.

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Laced: All the paranoia leads back to an inherent lack of trust. Plate: She has an accessory child. Didactic: You did many things today to contribute to your death. Opal: Unwanted, I shrivel. Gouge: Does the volcanic glass miss its heat? Civil: Tell her every day. Delay: Mushrooms will always love a dead thing. Tricks: The magic is in the simplicity. Parentage: Sin is great. Gut: How will you conquer the kneeling? Torpid: Stay away from me while I pack the cut. Kilter: Spit here and here. Nympho: Lust makes hollows. Felt: I might know. Tomb: When you leave a city in ruins you hand back your key.




And then you turn your eyes away.

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Credit: They must love you to look at you that way. Dot: To be held under until you don’t see anymore. IOU: Offer this as a service, nothing more. Script: An elegant solution to all the problems. Casual: I have always been open to that type of destruction. Frontage: Did you let yourself get too tired? Sickle: Forever trying to form families in the mud. Creosote: Just turn around, lady. Sire: It was unlocked until she saw me looking at it. Noise: I got along with all the parents. Expert: If you read these, you never mention it. Eclipse: Drowned in doubt, resuscitated by vanity. Scum: The joints crack under the skin, the dead man wants out. Kernel: I can’t be alone with all of you in my head. Wraith: Hover around until you feel yourself start to disappear.


Together they both get gray.

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Aggro: The hatred in me reflects back, I turn to stone. Science: I can’t think of how to understand the distance between us. Crush: Hobbled by anticipated insanity. Breath: Do you also feel the pull of this particular abyss? Dive: The torch songs tell of that kind of sacrifice. Construct: My mother told her daughters to get our education first because no man could take that from us. Falsehood: Crippled by concept and unable to take a step. Rigor: Flailing about for some use. Uphill: Face pressed against the glorious noise. Hulk: If you can lift your own weight you depend on nothing. Sew: All patches leak eventually. Grunt: The smallest one is easiest to catch and gets the knife first. Joke: Your opinion of me can’t be based on facts. Nun: Dreaming out the window as the water runs out. Slag: I epoxied my story shut.


As heaven would miss the stars above.

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Slingshot: You don’t get to burn her down. Accrue: Take it all in and spit it back out. Credenza: Hidden in the fourth drawer down, your dead twin.  Brisbane: Acclimate to the heat and the temperature is sure to drop. Valor: You can’t attack a snowstorm. Acute: She’ll spin it in her head until it’s gold.  Christen: All before you were embryos. Alarmist: Think your way well. Fasten: A light hovering just above the ground. Resolve: A visible erection in the house of God. Romance: You still apologize for him. Band: A flow through ventricles. Unpack: I didn’t know I was someone else. Blockade: Raise the bar higher and jump. Attempt: Locked in ice, you dream of Spring.


Why don’t you tell me who’s on the phone?

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Wanted: Vicious red. Lamentation: You’re just stabbing around in the dark. Forever: A lifetime since I touched your dead flesh. Freeze: A slender stake to the heart. Relaxation: Stare hard at the floor. Cellar: Cop the fuck out, get the fuck gone. Synthetic: You can feel the ice in my veins through my skin. Unity: The f-word you fear most is “future”. Cringe: The c-word you hate most is “community”. Fountain: I don’t know any other way to love. Across: My body eats itself. Crux: Haul off, strike back. Abate: I feel your cowardice like a tick bite. Housebound: What did you sell to get what you’ve got? Foregone: Longing becomes a snake pit.