I think of all the education that I missed.

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And I
I vault to the ceiling
I climb the walls

And you

And I
I get around your sickness
Empathy rains down
It sinks into you like acid

And you
The not knowing
The unseeing
The happy to get along
Look through the opaque pane
As it is shattered

My charity lives in your skin



Before the Sun Comes Up.

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“Ten songs, or 35 minutes of original music, created during the month of February. The RPM Challenge.”

I participated in the 2019 RPM Challenge! The Challenge’s main site is down (peeps uploading in a frenzy) but I put the final album up on SoundCloud. Please visit the site when it’s back up. So many artists completed tracks and it’s a supportive, awesome group.

RPM Challenge

I am immensely proud of the finished product and of the finishing itself.

But these mama’s boys just don’t know when to quit.

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A dart filled with black liquid misses its target by an inch.

Crumpled, broken things find puddles to drink from.

A deep, abiding patience is replaced by thoughts of stabbing.

Now, the hours have turned to dust between us.

Just so we’re clear, they are owed nothing.

Some starvation is earned.

It doesn’t have to be my love or yours.

A saint out there longs to put their pieces together.

Someone wants to be depleted in the name of giving,

Their flagellation stinks of kink.

Let a nun love them.


Of all the things I cannot taste.

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I learned what to do with the unrequited before my skin knew to stretch across vacancy. The love and the wrong folded under lack of satisfaction, waiting for the attachment of a word. Like the oozing of only sexuality and pus, love and wrong stick in their unresolved place. Cobwebs on a wedding cake. A clock stopped at the hour of desertion. An easy enough thing to swallow after years. An easy enough thing to hide in a dark place.

In your city to burn.

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What is enough, lovely thing? Question asked then answered by bellowing action, a loudness hard to ignore. Full of the mystery, sweetness. Stranded on land built drop by drop of blood. An ache in you that avoids all the tomorrows ever written. Why resist the thing you are?


I’ll build you a kingdom in that house on the hill.

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But you want to be a good man.

You want all those women you may fuck someday to think you’re one of the good ones.

The sad fact is that you are.

Tell yourself you care about them.

Check that box and do your duty.

Oh, to be slightly better than your brother monsters…

What a blessing you are!

We shall fall on our bruised knees and be thankful for your mercy.

You have not done worse with your bare minimum.

When this gratitude falls from my lips I will feel the calm I have longed for.

When I thank you for your grace you will make sure I’m kneeling.

I am the beast I worship.

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Erupting under water, glass bubbles,
Astounding heat from an unseen source.
Wound around you, an eel feeling your depth,
My teeth sharpen and lengthen.
I am caught, lanced and netted,
By the tension of your skin,
The scaffold of steel below it pressing up into me.

Ripped, scorched, throbbing,
A thing pulled from a dark place now laid on the table,
Vulnerable in the light and visibly wet,
Intensely pleasured by revelation.
The lie of the bad beast in need of taming is untold
By your hands, by your tongue.

Is it prey if it wants to be snared?
Pull me down and take your fill.
Know I cannot be emptied.
Hammer and solder your flesh and mine.
We fuse to become a new object.


Even if the stars have made us blind.

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How did I reach through the void to get to you?
A smoky tendril extended from my heart’s fingertips,
Elongating and drifting on air, rising, falling, steady.
Reaching a point of tactile grace, an opening.
I feel the extension hit.
A lattice of crackling connections grows.
Static and information track back to my skin,
Translating your code, binding it to mine.
Then, a forceful current aimed directly at your center
Forces gentle expansion.
A beam of light escapes to strike my dark eyes
Drinking you in the shadows.
You caught me.
Once you’ve seen my eyes this way,
The beautiful damage has begun.
I am joyfully showing, telling, asking.
All my antennae, the way I smell you, the language I speak,
Offered in trust to you from across this velvet emptiness.
I’ll stretch to grasp the thing I want, a fearless uncoiling.
There can be no greater vulnerability or power
Than this shameless adoration of your reflection on my glass.
Look at yourself through me, a crystalline pool,
Your secret place in the deepest forest.
Find me waiting on the other side of this vision
To hold all your shimmering.
I will take your want from you, turn it to ice in my hands.
Stabbing it back into you, so slowly, melting with every stroke.

2018-05-30 20.51.40

Soften my dreams with your sighs.

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Sliding tightly into this orbit,
Our skins have no boundaries.

I taste like dark burning depth,
A starless void, somehow lit.

You taste like sunlight smells,
Warm on my face, a delight to my skin.

We taste like the heart of a dying star,
Radiance in defiance of extinguishing.

I want to hold it here, the uniqueness.
A concoction that is intoxicating.

Liquid, metaphorical and otherwise, flows
To find the lowest point, the deepest opening.

It will widen and shape, the experience of us.
We will mark the landscapes of each other.

Refusing to disrespect the sacred opportunity
To savor this, to know and be known.

A promise,
A pact.


In a raging sea of flame.

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I smell blood rising from the water.
Red steam wavering, platinum surface.
Limbo place, a gray that suffocates.
Emerging from thick clay mud,
I peer crocodile style above the lip of liquid.
Black eyes against cracked paleness
See this land in flat perspective.
Nothing if not watching,
I am made of sight grafted to skin.
Bare, white trees border this primordial pool.
Skeletal arms of wood tremble at the sky.
Every part of me awake, a raw nerve walking,
I have sought this very moment to hatch.
Signal caught, a net of words woven tightly,
Indication of deeper knowledge to come.
You are a shard of mirror glass hanging.
I feel your glinting on my face, warm.
Move like a snake to get closer to your light,
Swift and low, breathless and silent.
Carapace hardening in the air,
I have been remade to follow the beacon.
This striking, hard and severe,
Massive bells tolling arrival, calls to pray.
When I find you, the stinger will sink everywhere.
I will have become a nest of wasps
Vibrating with information and energy,
Unable to handle the volume of the swarm.
Perched on your windowsill, singing of venom,
I clutch at my own heart with cold fingers.
Desperately driven to give you what I hold.
As if this lust were a molten thing melting
Holes through my body, widening me.
I feel rapturously unable to withhold anything.
It has been written that a dragon’s blood
Will burn through steel like acid.
It cannot be absorbed by the earth,
So it rests eternally above ground,
Resinous and jewel precious,
To be burned, sacred smoke and ash.
I climb willingly down into this furnace,
Every step I’ve taken across scarred lands
Has been to find you on the periphery of purgatory,
Just beyond the place of sinking.
You shine high, smelling like the heart of the sun.
I will wear you like a skin, hold you in all pockets,
Say your name at the moment you say another.
Some witchcraft, this want, to burn like it does.