The new!

I finally fixed up my older dolls & listed them on etsy. This has been something I’ve wanted to do for ages now, so I’m thrilled it’s done.

You can see my shop here:

My sprawling project is getting some real steam these days. The idea for it hatched in my brain in early 2010 & it has been creeping toward existence ever since.

There 5 songs that have inspired 5 environments. I am in the process of making models & inhabitants for each one. The ultimate goal is to create a stage set for each song with people-sized inhabitant costumes for dancers & performers to occupy. The performers will be inside their respective doll/puppet/inhabitant structures on stage & may be assisted by external operators. Many of the inhabitant costumes will have light & sound features independent of the theater sound & lighting.

The songs:

“Identity Tokens” by Rasputina from Oh, Perilous World & Melora a la Basilica

“Pox” by Xiu Xiu from La Foret

“We Carry On” by Portishead from Third

“Reflection” by Tool from Lateralus

“House Sparrow” by Xiu Xiu from Dear God, I Hate Myself

I have nearly completed the set & main inhabitant of “Identity Tokens” & will post pictures soon.

~ by Athena on July 19, 2011.

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