The Rock

That’s a rock in front of me
A nice, common, rockly-rock

It looks pretty heavy
Though I don’t know

Because you don’t know
How heavy any thing is
Until you lift it

This rock’s my buddy
We are squaring off
In the friendliest way

Don’t exchange names
And it’s totally cool

My stubbornness is reflected
I know myself to fight myself

Heard the phrase “Have Nots“
Found a link to my haven’ts
The places where I fail myself

No need to bring up
All the past tenses

I’m doing it this instant
I’ll likely do it tomorrow

The thing in front of me
Isn’t the blockade
I am in my way

This rock is like I am
Just the way we were shaped

A figure suggesting a body
Jutty point of a head

Light reflects on certain planes
Changing with the position of the sun

I bounce lightness onto it
In an hour
The rock passes rays back to me

I consider my rebellion against myself
The heaviness in me
As present as the weight of the rock

I imagined it smaller when I began
Now it has grown larger than me

It’s good we had this talk
The Buddy rock and I
So I could be encouraged

The change before my eyes
Transformation that exists immediately
Inside an illusion of stillness

~ by Athena on June 1, 2014.

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