Fear, As Well You Might

Droplets of light in dark water

It’s unwise to swim at night

My defiance is a sickness

Tonight a lamb on each wave

Breaks the black

An undertow of dread

Fair trade to feel this

I was born in the sea

Hone in on desire like a maudlin shark

Fleeting warm current indifference

This skin differs with the stroke

Four hooks to the underbelly

Two grown over rough

One pushing past the membrane

One trailing filament

Ghost vein in blackness

Circled the bottom

Rasp of kelp tentacled each limb

Thought of staying safe in your cave

We would have laughed at that

But no light there

Before you were everywhere

You cut a lesson into me

Fire made liquid

Napalm black your eyes

Fixed in bone

Encoded in the scar

Astonishing pain reward

Your gift is written on my spine

Six unanswerable riddles

Gratitude to you for fine stitching

I swim with new parts

And cannot be drowned

~ by Athena on September 2, 2015.

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