Ferdinand gores you in the chest.

Witness: Serving purpose to a terrible degree, my last set of teeth failing. Callback: Understand spiraling down to the light. Sanction: Drafted into an army of your own making, devise a plan to go A.W.O.L. Undoing: Have I been so rigid? Landscape: Assurance the water is not flowing your way. Spike: Lesson in repetitious behavior, the groove in your hand worn like wood. Epic: Spiky on the inside, evolutionary malfunction. Excavation: Never have I felt so lost. Welt: Pull your better self through that rotten skin. Attachment: Left wailing in a room for hours, held fiercely for one whole day. Hypothesis: Distance grows in thickets. Relic: This past smells like nail polish and Merits. Snowstorm: Let’s all go to the lobby. Anesthesia: Doubt grows over skin like a callous. Word: Contract actions and don’t.


~ by Athena on May 24, 2017.

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