Is that the ground below me or your feet?

Bet: A shell cracked open and a soundless force slammed into the sky. Omens: She didn’t look when she crossed the street. Point-of-sale: Poke a hole in anything – logic, a balloon, a throat. Warranty: A pinhole to safely view the moment of eclipse. Schedule: Scars on your body don’t burn like they used to. Sidebar: Remember that you weren’t always free. Bargain: Everything costs, how much to spend? License: Compassion isn’t deep, it’s wide. Feed: The signs are there, you just don’t want to read them. Consent: Why couldn’t I put a stop to you? Leisure: Dissatisfaction is the old black. Elsewhere: They find Hansel and Gretel’s fossilized breadcrumbs and hang a plaque. Limb: Scrape up every hope you have, they will fit in this matchbox. Axiom: He stumbled with that dull knife. Dowager: Just keep this between us.20170107_111940 (2)

~ by Athena on May 27, 2017.

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