Twenty-seven bones as I turn my arm.

Intensity: Your hatred leaves a trail like a slug. Segue: Wrong to confide that particular thing. Colony: Cut their preciousness to ribbons to sew a new flag. Reboot: This time, he tells her exactly why she is wrong. Humiliation: Wait, bend, wait, bend. Counterpoint: I love everyone on this train. Allowance: Wind the string tighter around your finger. Shark: With this violence, I thee wed. Silencer: Drop the weight and drift straight up. Comparison: You are Evelyn Crouch wrapped in plastic. Abstract: Call dominance a right. Chrome: Sobbing in a chrysalis. Arbitration: In love with this wound. Epilogue: Grow gills and swim deep. Constriction: Giving it away, no takers.


~ by Athena on May 31, 2017.

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