The sky above ablaze.

Reverse: Pull it down from the cloud. Assemble: Wary of the past you, step backward. Crossover: She’s being projected on. Stronghold: Allowed a thigh jiggle. Thirst: Sand clogging every throat. Acrimony: Go back on that bet you made with yourself. Curve: Afloat on violent liquid. Sin: You killed a thing with wings. Akimbo: Aim the fire hose where it will do the most good. Acquiesce: The Tooth Fairy wouldn’t take those brown stumps. Tolerance: Attack the biggest cabbage in the field. Askance: Meet my eye line, Jim. Harbinger: Tagged crazy then never believed. Trance: All along the river, tiny bones. Forest: Buried under residue, the original hatch.TOTLAWP5-001

~ by Athena on June 7, 2017.

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