Daylight murder from your front room.

Exaggeration: I didn’t used to glow under black light. Fault: Inexplicable aggressive behavior. Exaltation: If it does have a soul, it will bite you because it doesn’t like you. Faux: I eat smoke. Listless: Digging, dug, dag. Exodus: Find yourself a new way to be. Depth: Sexting as evasion. Curiosity: A cat’s anatomy is not a dog’s. Carpenter: A frame to put you in. Salacious: Your desire crushes you to dust and builds you up again. Titanium: Okay, mirror. Fast: Adjust to the past. Aspen: She said I make it so easy to hurt me. Cyborg: Stroke loving detachment like a dead baby. Marriage: For you, all I am.


~ by Athena on June 13, 2017.

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