As heaven would miss the stars above.

Slingshot: You don’t get to burn her down. Accrue: Take it all in and spit it back out. Credenza: Hidden in the fourth drawer down, your dead twin.  Brisbane: Acclimate to the heat and the temperature is sure to drop. Valor: You can’t attack a snowstorm. Acute: She’ll spin it in her head until it’s gold.  Christen: All before you were embryos. Alarmist: Think your way well. Fasten: A light hovering just above the ground. Resolve: A visible erection in the house of God. Romance: You still apologize for him. Band: A flow through ventricles. Unpack: I didn’t know I was someone else. Blockade: Raise the bar higher and jump. Attempt: Locked in ice, you dream of Spring.


~ by Athena on July 5, 2017.

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