And then you turn your eyes away.

Credit: They must love you to look at you that way. Dot: To be held under until you don’t see anymore. IOU: Offer this as a service, nothing more. Script: An elegant solution to all the problems. Casual: I have always been open to that type of destruction. Frontage: Did you let yourself get too tired? Sickle: Forever trying to form families in the mud. Creosote: Just turn around, lady. Sire: It was unlocked until she saw me looking at it. Noise: I got along with all the parents. Expert: If you read these, you never mention it. Eclipse: Drowned in doubt, resuscitated by vanity. Scum: The joints crack under the skin, the dead man wants out. Kernel: I can’t be alone with all of you in my head. Wraith: Hover around until you feel yourself start to disappear.


~ by Athena on July 18, 2017.

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