Wrapped in a ribbon of glass.

Laced: All the paranoia leads back to an inherent lack of trust. Plate: She has an accessory child. Didactic: You did many things today to contribute to your death. Opal: Unwanted, I shrivel. Gouge: Does the volcanic glass miss its heat? Civil: Tell her every day. Delay: Mushrooms will always love a dead thing. Tricks: The magic is in the simplicity. Parentage: Sin is great. Gut: How will you conquer the kneeling? Torpid: Stay away from me while I pack the cut. Kilter: Spit here and here. Nympho: Lust makes hollows. Felt: I might know. Tomb: When you leave a city in ruins you hand back your key.




~ by Athena on August 11, 2017.

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