It tells of vast expanses stretching backwards over time.

Manifesto: You are so small, I can’t see you. Grief: If they hadn’t been there, would you have gone? Celestial: Give them nothing and they will have nothing. Red Dwarf: You are just fuel for their fire. Just: What to do with the dissenters? Freeborn: Fight what you can touch. Editorial: I will not be in your history. Higher: To get back what you think you’ve lost, look twice. Cretin: Decide what’s right once you wash the blood off your hands. Slink: Slip the blade right under the collar. Yearn: An infant walking  without a way to scream. Paperweight: Some bad advice was taken and the consequences are all yours. Fissure: You’ll just go back to taking it out on your wife and kids. Walls: Into the shadows. Dew: Push against the hate in you with all your might.


~ by Athena on August 14, 2017.

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