Tell me something nice about your favorite girl.

Chivalry: The one Alice chased down into darkness. Seal: Our own love poisons us. Understood: Climbing on broken backs to get what you need. Faith: Into you, my fingers to the top knuckles. Radiation: How many women did you consume to rise this high? Elusive: Swimming away, your ink blacks out all between us. Sentient: How willing were they to feed you? Undersea: I could feel the stone against my back. Tallow: Unheard words were still spoken. Wail: The web so strong, the silk so sticky. Flocked: A gradient of torture. Miracle: She makes an omelette without breaking eggs and is burned as a witch. Completionist: Two more and you’re finished. Overhead: Behind every good man, a pile of husks. Perfunctory: Underestimate me to your doom.


~ by Athena on November 26, 2017.

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