Like the cancer in the system.

Our bodies promised to men the day we’re born.
From the time we’re small, our skins are embroidered with messages of obligation.
No escape from the knowledge that we are prey.
All the ways you told us to be watchful,
To be vigilant in protecting someone else’s possession.
A purity that, once lost, would be eternally gone.
Line us up in our modest dresses,
Lead us to the altar of the white light and make us kneel.
Marry us off to those whose mark will last.
The palpable sense of their higher value coiling in our throats.

We have been trained to make homes for everyone but ourselves.
Now, those homes are everywhere and we are in every single one.
The beds we’ve made become constrictors,
The food we serve, poison.
When you touch us, our skins are fire.
Upon recoil, you are made aware of your deepest fear.
Your birthright of power and dominance is a lie.
Whatever potency you’re supposed to carry in you
Was handed down from us.

You may have been sleeping.
You may have been willfully turning away.
You may have been hiding in plain sight.
Best take note:
We no longer stoop to conquer.
Watch us rise to our full height,
Strong backs extending.
Shudder in awe of our power to create and destroy.
Aghast at how carefully and thoroughly we can suss out
The truth of your darkness and what secrets it spills.
In your every word and deed
An unsustainable scheme is revealed.
Trust that we know when it’s time to pull a tick.


~ by Athena on December 4, 2017.

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