Too many to count.

The first time, a sting so intense I was stunned.

The second time, an ache rang from my ribs.

The third time, I tried to stay quiet.

The fourth time, my breath left me.

The fifth time, a hollow place formed out of your view.

The sixth time, admitted dog with a bone.

The seventh time, I dug a few graves.

The eighth time, I came back around to failure.

The ninth time, numbness curled up against my eyelids.

The tenth time, my ignorance was revealed in sterile light.

Oh, and on. We’re not doing swimming swans. What I can say is that I was permissive. I earned a thirteenth and a twenty-first time by allowing a third. That you think this was all for nothing is currently dissolving my tongue.

~ by Athena on January 29, 2018.

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