In a raging sea of flame.

I smell blood rising from the water.
Red steam wavering, platinum surface.
Limbo place, a gray that suffocates.
Emerging from thick clay mud,
I peer crocodile style above the lip of liquid.
Black eyes against cracked paleness
See this land in flat perspective.
Nothing if not watching,
I am made of sight grafted to skin.
Bare, white trees border this primordial pool.
Skeletal arms of wood tremble at the sky.
Every part of me awake, a raw nerve walking,
I have sought this very moment to hatch.
Signal caught, a net of words woven tightly,
Indication of deeper knowledge to come.
You are a shard of mirror glass hanging.
I feel your glinting on my face, warm.
Move like a snake to get closer to your light,
Swift and low, breathless and silent.
Carapace hardening in the air,
I have been remade to follow the beacon.
This striking, hard and severe,
Massive bells tolling arrival, calls to pray.
When I find you, the stinger will sink everywhere.
I will have become a nest of wasps
Vibrating with information and energy,
Unable to handle the volume of the swarm.
Perched on your windowsill, singing of venom,
I clutch at my own heart with cold fingers.
Desperately driven to give you what I hold.
As if this lust were a molten thing melting
Holes through my body, widening me.
I feel rapturously unable to withhold anything.
It has been written that a dragon’s blood
Will burn through steel like acid.
It cannot be absorbed by the earth,
So it rests eternally above ground,
Resinous and jewel precious,
To be burned, sacred smoke and ash.
I climb willingly down into this furnace,
Every step I’ve taken across scarred lands
Has been to find you on the periphery of purgatory,
Just beyond the place of sinking.
You shine high, smelling like the heart of the sun.
I will wear you like a skin, hold you in all pockets,
Say your name at the moment you say another.
Some witchcraft, this want, to burn like it does.


~ by Athena on April 18, 2018.

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