Soften my dreams with your sighs.

Sliding tightly into this orbit,
Our skins have no boundaries.

I taste like dark burning depth,
A starless void, somehow lit.

You taste like sunlight smells,
Warm on my face, a delight to my skin.

We taste like the heart of a dying star,
Radiance in defiance of extinguishing.

I want to hold it here, the uniqueness.
A concoction that is intoxicating.

Liquid, metaphorical and otherwise, flows
To find the lowest point, the deepest opening.

It will widen and shape, the experience of us.
We will mark the landscapes of each other.

Refusing to disrespect the sacred opportunity
To savor this, to know and be known.

A promise,
A pact.


~ by Athena on May 10, 2018.

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