Even if the stars have made us blind.

How did I reach through the void to get to you?
A smoky tendril extended from my heart’s fingertips,
Elongating and drifting on air, rising, falling, steady.
Reaching a point of tactile grace, an opening.
I feel the extension hit.
A lattice of crackling connections grows.
Static and information track back to my skin,
Translating your code, binding it to mine.
Then, a forceful current aimed directly at your center
Forces gentle expansion.
A beam of light escapes to strike my dark eyes
Drinking you in the shadows.
You caught me.
Once you’ve seen my eyes this way,
The beautiful damage has begun.
I am joyfully showing, telling, asking.
All my antennae, the way I smell you, the language I speak,
Offered in trust to you from across this velvet emptiness.
I’ll stretch to grasp the thing I want, a fearless uncoiling.
There can be no greater vulnerability or power
Than this shameless adoration of your reflection on my glass.
Look at yourself through me, a crystalline pool,
Your secret place in the deepest forest.
Find me waiting on the other side of this vision
To hold all your shimmering.
I will take your want from you, turn it to ice in my hands.
Stabbing it back into you, so slowly, melting with every stroke.

2018-05-30 20.51.40

~ by Athena on May 30, 2018.

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