I am the beast I worship.

Erupting under water, glass bubbles,
Astounding heat from an unseen source.
Wound around you, an eel feeling your depth,
My teeth sharpen and lengthen.
I am caught, lanced and netted,
By the tension of your skin,
The scaffold of steel below it pressing up into me.

Ripped, scorched, throbbing,
A thing pulled from a dark place now laid on the table,
Vulnerable in the light and visibly wet,
Intensely pleasured by revelation.
The lie of the bad beast in need of taming is untold
By your hands, by your tongue.

Is it prey if it wants to be snared?
Pull me down and take your fill.
Know I cannot be emptied.
Hammer and solder your flesh and mine.
We fuse to become a new object.


~ by Athena on June 9, 2018.

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