Why don’t you tell me who’s on the phone?

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Wanted: Vicious red. Lamentation: You’re just stabbing around in the dark. Forever: A lifetime since I touched your dead flesh. Freeze: A slender stake to the heart. Relaxation: Stare hard at the floor. Cellar: Cop the fuck out, get the fuck gone. Synthetic: You can feel the ice in my veins through my skin. Unity: The f-word you fear most is “future”. Cringe: The c-word you hate most is “community”. Fountain: I don’t know any other way to love. Across: My body eats itself. Crux: Haul off, strike back. Abate: I feel your cowardice like a tick bite. Housebound: What did you sell to get what you’ve got? Foregone: Longing becomes a snake pit.




Daylight murder from your front room.

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Exaggeration: I didn’t used to glow under black light. Fault: Inexplicable aggressive behavior. Exaltation: If it does have a soul, it will bite you because it doesn’t like you. Faux: I eat smoke. Listless: Digging, dug, dag. Exodus: Find yourself a new way to be. Depth: Sexting as evasion. Curiosity: A cat’s anatomy is not a dog’s. Carpenter: A frame to put you in. Salacious: Your desire crushes you to dust and builds you up again. Titanium: Okay, mirror. Fast: Adjust to the past. Aspen: She said I make it so easy to hurt me. Cyborg: Stroke loving detachment like a dead baby. Marriage: For you, all I am.


Far more frequently you’re wearing perfume.

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Astringent: Keep digging past yourself, you won’t find it. Salvo: The thing you sought was in the first layer, the rings of sediment rust and copper. Alliance: Cry and fight all you want but the poison is in you. Suffix: The poison is you. Hence: Shut your mouth. Corner: Sit up straight. Saddle: Be a goddamn lady. Crisis: Zipped up. Endpoint: Locked down. Crux: Full of bile. Fortune: The Peggy Bundy. Bruise: The door walked into me. Flock: It’s been in the room the whole time. Trust: The passage of time will mark your progress. Mowing: Float parallel to the ground and shiver. 

The sky above ablaze.

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Reverse: Pull it down from the cloud. Assemble: Wary of the past you, step backward. Crossover: She’s being projected on. Stronghold: Allowed a thigh jiggle. Thirst: Sand clogging every throat. Acrimony: Go back on that bet you made with yourself. Curve: Afloat on violent liquid. Sin: You killed a thing with wings. Akimbo: Aim the fire hose where it will do the most good. Acquiesce: The Tooth Fairy wouldn’t take those brown stumps. Tolerance: Attack the biggest cabbage in the field. Askance: Meet my eye line, Jim. Harbinger: Tagged crazy then never believed. Trance: All along the river, tiny bones. Forest: Buried under residue, the original hatch.TOTLAWP5-001

Twenty-seven bones as I turn my arm.

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Intensity: Your hatred leaves a trail like a slug. Segue: Wrong to confide that particular thing. Colony: Cut their preciousness to ribbons to sew a new flag. Reboot: This time, he tells her exactly why she is wrong. Humiliation: Wait, bend, wait, bend. Counterpoint: I love everyone on this train. Allowance: Wind the string tighter around your finger. Shark: With this violence, I thee wed. Silencer: Drop the weight and drift straight up. Comparison: You are Evelyn Crouch wrapped in plastic. Abstract: Call dominance a right. Chrome: Sobbing in a chrysalis. Arbitration: In love with this wound. Epilogue: Grow gills and swim deep. Constriction: Giving it away, no takers.


Is that the ground below me or your feet?

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Bet: A shell cracked open and a soundless force slammed into the sky. Omens: She didn’t look when she crossed the street. Point-of-sale: Poke a hole in anything – logic, a balloon, a throat. Warranty: A pinhole to safely view the moment of eclipse. Schedule: Scars on your body don’t burn like they used to. Sidebar: Remember that you weren’t always free. Bargain: Everything costs, how much to spend? License: Compassion isn’t deep, it’s wide. Feed: The signs are there, you just don’t want to read them. Consent: Why couldn’t I put a stop to you? Leisure: Dissatisfaction is the old black. Elsewhere: They find Hansel and Gretel’s fossilized breadcrumbs and hang a plaque. Limb: Scrape up every hope you have, they will fit in this matchbox. Axiom: He stumbled with that dull knife. Dowager: Just keep this between us.20170107_111940 (2)

Ferdinand gores you in the chest.

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Witness: Serving purpose to a terrible degree, my last set of teeth failing. Callback: Understand spiraling down to the light. Sanction: Drafted into an army of your own making, devise a plan to go A.W.O.L. Undoing: Have I been so rigid? Landscape: Assurance the water is not flowing your way. Spike: Lesson in repetitious behavior, the groove in your hand worn like wood. Epic: Spiky on the inside, evolutionary malfunction. Excavation: Never have I felt so lost. Welt: Pull your better self through that rotten skin. Attachment: Left wailing in a room for hours, held fiercely for one whole day. Hypothesis: Distance grows in thickets. Relic: This past smells like nail polish and Merits. Snowstorm: Let’s all go to the lobby. Anesthesia: Doubt grows over skin like a callous. Word: Contract actions and don’t.