The rest is drag.

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I struggle to document and share projects, especially when they are in progress. It seems to be a fairly common problem for some people, and I’m working out ways to improve. In that spirit, I am excited to say that I am in the (almost) middle of a two-month residency at Generator. Just shy of two years old, Generator is a maker space in Burlington, Vermont housed in the Memorial Auditorium building. It is my goal to learn to make more efficient, stronger and interchangeable components for my ongoing puppet project. If you are familiar with my work, you may know that I’ve been making large doll/puppet/costume things for several years. I’ve settled on Puppet Drag to describe the strange hybrid I’ve got going on. So far, I have learned some basics about machining, laser cutting, 3D printing and electronics to apply to future puppets. I am grateful to have the opportunity to work at Generator with so many interesting and talented people. I will aim to share more here soon. Until then, a picture of my Krampus puppet loitering outside Generator.12342735_10207676303128258_2437963592658080685_n

A wish you made is plucked

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You know who you are.

Dance around the fire with a gas can.

Pry the meat from my bones with your fingers.

Pull me through you so veins snap across skin.

Take the hard parts of me and soften them.

Understand you are in my blood now,

A cherished permanence.


I sent my better self on ahead

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The best purple.
Dead woman’s eye shadow.
I can look at you again.
Not like that last time.
Your face looked caved in.
The man warned us first.
Why did I not take your picture?
Three falls to take you down.
Five bullets to the heart.
One massive icicle through your skull.
It’s that kind of day.
Coldest rain and fiercest wind.
Oh, but the sun is so warm.
You can’t see it or me.
Your memory hurts my skin.
My eyes are greener now.


This is mine to remember.

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Ash carapace settled on every jut of bone. I see your outline there. I can’t blink. You rest now by the side of the road in a trash bag covered with frost. Left this way, nameless. Whisper one of the stories to me. Tell me your mother once drove you two neighborhoods away with the box of kittens warm on your lap. Told you to leave them on the corner under the Ruggles sign. Years later, it would be a dog and a field in Goochland. Comprehension denied. Return to your seat wearing her blood stained underwear. The elastic woman kind. At school, they talk of a problem and it’s you. Knowledge of rot as long as you’ve had breath. Fortunate you, decomposition is a state of comfort. I write you because I dig for wrists and fingers when the soil is soft. I sprint against the hard freeze.tmp_19507-2015-10-24 05.55.42-2075925288


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Two rag dolls

Soaked in kerosene

A lit match suspended between them

One could say

You saw your own doom

Ran toward it

That crystal ball

Bending your wrists

Behind your back

Knowing the cost

Was no deterrent

Guaranteed pain incentive

Char of a dying star

Vision of control

Pile of ash on the floor


Feel it break.

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The rain is burning your skin now.

Let it burn.

You are given one promise at birth.

A death specific to you,

Laid away, antique wedding dress in the attic.

Documents found once they’re gone

Speaking to you in a way they never did.

Never could.

Now, these pieces are yours to hold.

Why not hold them in the stinging rain

As the grass tells you each blade is for you?

We burn so briefly

But we have the power to make it feel like eternity.

To see the skies turn red.

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Hey Goose,
Fox just moved in
Across the street from your house.
White pickets mirror
Tiny sharp teeth lining his jaw.
You’re stalked from the rise of sun
To last light of day.

Hey Goose,
The barnyard block gossip
Has you cooked and plated
Before the week is out.
They call dibs on your down
To line their beds.

Hey Goose,
They say his shiny black beetle eyes
Fixed on you the moment the light
Hit your feathers…just so.
His tongue wagging anticipation.

Hey Goose,
Best not move around so much.
Catch his eye and he’s caught you,
Hypnotized by the flicking white flame
At the end of his tail.

Hey Fox,
The lightning flash shows your lawn
Aflutter with wings,
A last line of whiteness to bind you.
A feast for the flock.

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