Daylight murder from your front room.

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Exaggeration: I didn’t used to glow under black light. Fault: Inexplicable aggressive behavior. Exaltation: If it does have a soul, it will bite you because it doesn’t like you. Faux: I eat smoke. Listless: Digging, dug, dag. Exodus: Find yourself a new way to be. Depth: Sexting as evasion. Curiosity: A cat’s anatomy is not a dog’s. Carpenter: A frame to put you in. Salacious: Your desire crushes you to dust and builds you up again. Titanium: Okay, mirror. Fast: Adjust to the past. Aspen: She said I make it so easy to hurt me. Cyborg: Stroke loving detachment like a dead baby. Marriage: For you, all I am.



Far more frequently you’re wearing perfume.

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Astringent: Keep digging past yourself, you won’t find it. Salvo: The thing you sought was in the first layer, the rings of sediment rust and copper. Alliance: Cry and fight all you want but the poison is in you. Suffix: The poison is you. Hence: Shut your mouth. Corner: Sit up straight. Saddle: Be a goddamn lady. Crisis: Zipped up. Endpoint: Locked down. Crux: Full of bile. Fortune: The Peggy Bundy. Bruise: The door walked into me. Flock: It’s been in the room the whole time. Trust: The passage of time will mark your progress. Mowing: Float parallel to the ground and shiver. 

The sky above ablaze.

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Reverse: Pull it down from the cloud. Assemble: Wary of the past you, step backward. Crossover: She’s being projected on. Stronghold: Allowed a thigh jiggle. Thirst: Sand clogging every throat. Acrimony: Go back on that bet you made with yourself. Curve: Afloat on violent liquid. Sin: You killed a thing with wings. Akimbo: Aim the fire hose where it will do the most good. Acquiesce: The Tooth Fairy wouldn’t take those brown stumps. Tolerance: Attack the biggest cabbage in the field. Askance: Meet my eye line, Jim. Harbinger: Tagged crazy then never believed. Trance: All along the river, tiny bones. Forest: Buried under residue, the original hatch.TOTLAWP5-001

Twenty-seven bones as I turn my arm.

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Intensity: Your hatred leaves a trail like a slug. Segue: Wrong to confide that particular thing. Colony: Cut their preciousness to ribbons to sew a new flag. Reboot: This time, he tells her exactly why she is wrong. Humiliation: Wait, bend, wait, bend. Counterpoint: I love everyone on this train. Allowance: Wind the string tighter around your finger. Shark: With this violence, I thee wed. Silencer: Drop the weight and drift straight up. Comparison: You are Evelyn Crouch wrapped in plastic. Abstract: Call dominance a right. Chrome: Sobbing in a chrysalis. Arbitration: In love with this wound. Epilogue: Grow gills and swim deep. Constriction: Giving it away, no takers.


Is that the ground below me or your feet?

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Bet: A shell cracked open and a soundless force slammed into the sky. Omens: She didn’t look when she crossed the street. Point-of-sale: Poke a hole in anything – logic, a balloon, a throat. Warranty: A pinhole to safely view the moment of eclipse. Schedule: Scars on your body don’t burn like they used to. Sidebar: Remember that you weren’t always free. Bargain: Everything costs, how much to spend? License: Compassion isn’t deep, it’s wide. Feed: The signs are there, you just don’t want to read them. Consent: Why couldn’t I put a stop to you? Leisure: Dissatisfaction is the old black. Elsewhere: They find Hansel and Gretel’s fossilized breadcrumbs and hang a plaque. Limb: Scrape up every hope you have, they will fit in this matchbox. Axiom: He stumbled with that dull knife. Dowager: Just keep this between us.20170107_111940 (2)

Ferdinand gores you in the chest.

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Witness: Serving purpose to a terrible degree, my last set of teeth failing. Callback: Understand spiraling down to the light. Sanction: Drafted into an army of your own making, devise a plan to go A.W.O.L. Undoing: Have I been so rigid? Landscape: Assurance the water is not flowing your way. Spike: Lesson in repetitious behavior, the groove in your hand worn like wood. Epic: Spiky on the inside, evolutionary malfunction. Excavation: Never have I felt so lost. Welt: Pull your better self through that rotten skin. Attachment: Left wailing in a room for hours, held fiercely for one whole day. Hypothesis: Distance grows in thickets. Relic: This past smells like nail polish and Merits. Snowstorm: Let’s all go to the lobby. Anesthesia: Doubt grows over skin like a callous. Word: Contract actions and don’t.


You are the child, you have no choice.

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Your creators are at war and always have been.

Involuntarily complicit, learn about a crime after it happens.

Seem oblivious enough, graduate to planning.

Learn to love violence, lie like breathing.

Come from disaster, expect as much from this world.

Yet, gorgeous defiance uncurls in unending lengths of black plumage.

As smoke pours through brick, soot covers all our shed skin cells.

It will buck us all from its back before it allows us to ride it to ruin.